Lewisville Parking Lot Repair and Patching

Lewisville Parking Lot Repair and Patching

Every year, home and property owners in Lewisville spend a fortune on driveway and parking lot repairs because of failing to hire qualified and reputable paving contractors. Fortunately, with no hidden charges these repairs can cost way much less through annual or bi-annual maintenance and upkeep services by Lewisville Paving company.

Having a well-maintained parking lot paving is fundamental for everyday traffic as it will help you avoid possible accidents, injuries, including damage to your car. Although the cracks or pothole may develop naturally they should never be assumed. And as much as you may want to avoid them, there are times when they are caused by temperature fluctuation or changes from the moisture level in the air. The moment you spot large and numerous cracking, then it is usually the best time to get the work done.

Pavement Repair Services in Lewisville

Once a crack develops and moisture enters the compromised area, the interior structure of the pavement begins to break down. Even though it may be a hurdle to completely eliminate the moisture on your own, our expert team of contractors has the necessary resources and experience to seal the cracks and restore the integrity of your parking space.

Most often than not, prevention is better than cure and ignoring cracks results in a pothole which may cost you more to repair. A pothole is a combination of multiple cracks but when this happens, we will provide you with the correct diagnosis for lasting repair.
Depending on the intensity of the damage, this structural problem needs to be addressed by a reliable paving company with the capacity to offer full-depth construction. You should avoid the average local companies if your intention is to achieve a lasting solution.

This is a powerful tool used to seal out natural damages that often lead to cracks, and eventually potholes. Sealcoating is a technique used to apply a thin asphalt surface treatment to waterproof as well as improve the hardness and smoothness of your parking lot. Apart from the aesthetic value, we offer our clients a quality seal coat containing sand to increase solid contact with your tires making it easier to traverse an inclined driveway.

Patching is recommended for severely damaged pavement. This can be done using different technologies such as infrared patching, or full-depth asphalt repair. Infrared patching technique involves heating and re-melting the damaged asphalt; raking; then compact it to produce a better patch area. For full-depth repair, the damaged area is completely cut out, removed, and repair the base for a fresh mix of asphalt.

Affordable Pavement Repair Services in Lewisville

Whether parking lot repairs, parking lot patching, pothole repair, or crack fills in and around Lewisville, TX, our company has a passionate team to deliver a great job. There are other techniques as well as methods available to us, but we’ve found the above the most common practices that most of our clients request. The wealth of skills and information existing among our staff is sufficient for any kind of asphalt repair. Take the leap of faith and contact us now on 469-778-3837 for a free estimate on any service type.